Red Velvet demonstrating their impeccable drawing skills [x]


Here is my 1013 wonkyu fanvid. Enjoy! :)
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Lee Donghae is the onefor me.  From his looks, to his style of singing, to his shy and childish personality, to his Mokpo accent, I love (almost)everything about him.  He has the sweetest voice, can compose beautiful songs, and is an incredible dancer.  I love how much fun he has at his Super Shows and how close he is to each member of the group.  His past makes me cry and his success makes me proud. He is worth protecting and loving. I will never get tired of saving his photos. Going to their concerts and buying their albums. I won’t get tired of following their schedules because I know He never gave up on his dream. His dad is his greatest motivation, and that’s why until now whenever he mentions his dad I know it hurts him. I will always protect, love,care,follow,loyal and stay an ELF for Lee Donghae. and I will remember til the day I die the day that I met Lee Donghae.

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#RadioStar | Kyu admitted he had 5 girlfriends before, all with non celebrities
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Siwon, the “face controller” (x)

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siwon imitating kyuhyun’s move in the SS5 VCR for the 50 billionth time

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you better be careful kangin, kyuhyun’s the reason you guys were allowed to come

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I’ll be there for you. So, no mistakes

Sungmin was like, NOOoooo!!!!

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Sungmin’s Butt

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